Monday, April 5, 2010

There is an element of doubt...

Good news! I decided upon 15 female dancers I can spotlight. Hooray!

First things first, however. I want to give the answer for the quote of the week. Kate got it right: it's from The Awful Truth. So yay Kate!! Thank you to everyone who guessed. Millie, you were very close and the two scenes are remarkably similar; in fact, they're basically identical in that the ex-husband is trying to show the ex-wife how wrong her fiance will be for her.

Okay, now for #15 in dancing ladies:

15. Gwen Verdon

Favorite dance: "Who's got the Pain?" from Damn Yankees

I realize that I already highlighted this song in my Bob Fosse post, but I really like this number! I have to confess, one of the major reasons Ms. Verdon is on this list is because of that cool flippy thing she does on Bob Fosse's back (from 1:37-1:49 approx) - I mean that's skill! Another confession: I have yet to see Damn Yankees in its entirety. This isn't actually my fault, really. I checked the movie out from Netflix and when my roommate and I tried to watch it, my computer decided to be difficult and dislike it. We didn't even get to "Whatever Lola Wants." So, really, this is just about the only number I've seen Gwen Verdon in, but she's so good in it that she merits getting on this list for that dance alone.

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